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Webshop front element with interactive customer journey


output flap


facade integration


product loading

Retail Window 24 Terminal Twin Plus

  • Innovative concept for spending more than 8400 products* a twin terminal designed to accommodate a large inventory of items indoors
  • Conversion of the store into a 24/7 self-service point
  • Powerful software portal, designed to manage almost any type of administrative operation, optimize business performance and to develop new sources of income while improving customer satisfaction, all from one central location.
  • Reduces the problems of outside temperature and vandalism.
  • For each type of product, eg Cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, books and more.
  • Use of the unused space in the store (not the storefront), Optimization of store space
  • Web shop customer journey with a bright and interactive screen
  • Smooth and easy removal of products from the lower storage area
  • Made of high quality materials and with one elegant design
  • Customers can easily via touch display or smartphone select and remove from the multi-vendor compartment.
Our RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin Plus solution offers the opportunity to transform your store into a 24/7 self-service point suitable for any product through full automation. By integrating this solution into your facade, the sales process is taken care of for you. You will receive notifications and have access to a real-time updated platform to manage your inventory, sales, consumers, alerts and other profile-related operations.
RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin has the products in depth and is an innovative concept where the products are dispensed from a terminal designed internally and deep enough to accommodate a larger amount of items. This helps reduce vandalism and the associated outside temperature issues. It is suitable for all kinds of products, such as cosmetics, drugstore, jewelry, books, pet food, electronics, IT hardware, etc.
This also solves the problem of storefront consumption, which is the most important space for a retailer/operator. RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin uses the unused and non-visible space of a store as a warehouse, while the webshop customer journey remains the main attraction for the consumer with a bright and large interactive screen. The products are completely safe inside (they are not exposed to the front) while the consumer has a high experience of satisfaction.
One of the key benefits of the RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin is that it can hold a larger inventory of products, allowing for less frequent replenishment and greater convenience for both the operator/retailer and consumers. In addition, the RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin is equipped with innovative dispensing mechanisms that enable smooth and easy dispensing of products from the lower storage area.
Carefully designed to optimize store space, the RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin is manufactured with quality materials and a sleek look.

Additional information


including webshop customer journey & backend for efficient management



system height

220 cm

Minimum width facade


Plant width (cm)


Installation depth (cm)


capacity for goods


space requirement

18.03 sqm

Number of facings*

936 (for standard product 8 x 6 x 12 cm)

Number of products*

8424 (for standard product 8 x 6 x 12 cm)

Number of floors


net weight


Click & Collect


front element

Screen 32” (or other formats)

indoor temperature


energy class


from €49,900

plus VAT & shipping

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