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RetailWindow24 is an unique automation system for 24/7 retail sales. RetailWindow24 combines retail and e-commerce into a single fulfillment center, ensuring optimal 24/7 customer service at the point of need, directly with the consumer.

Whether as an extension to an existing branch, a compact store for inner-city local supply instead of walk-in, or an automated village grocer – RetailWindow24 is modular, individual, and versatile – and always a perfect investment in the future of retail!

RetailWindow24 – best customer service – 24 hours a day.


RetailWindow24 can be seamlessly integrated into your business portal or set up at a location of your choice. The customer selects his product via touch display or smartphone and, after payment, removes it from the multi-sales-compatible withdrawal compartment.

RetailWindow24 Terminal

RetailWindow24 Terminal
RetailWindow24 terminal

RetailWindow24 Terminalis also seamlessly integrated into your business portal and only requires a storefront of approx. 100 cm. The goods are sorted in the storage system in the background and are not directly visible to the customer.

About RetailWindow24

RetailWindow24 is a digital “retail robot” and can do much more than a classic vending machine.


    Without restrictions due to opening hours! A convenient customer experience at any time of the day.

  • 24/7 PICK-UP

    Orders placed via Click & Collect are not anymore a subject to opening hours or delivery times


  • 100% DIGITAL

    Software with a modern user experience and highly efficient management 


An “automated” extension for products availability implies a higher level of service for your customers – conveniently and contactless.

Through 24/7 direct sales or the operation of satellite locations, you boost your local level of supply – you are faster, more flexible and more convenient than any online delivery service!

Almost all products can be sold through RetailWindow24 / RetailWindow24 Terminal – product or range changes are done in a few simple steps, without any tools.

RetailWindow24 is always active – your sales may always take place even if you go on vacation!

You can offer an easy-to-use, but modern user interface (UX, user experience) to your clients and employees, including the possibility of remote maintenance, thanks to intuitive and logical software design.

Your merchandise management system and sales journal can be linked to RetailWindow24 / RetailWindow24 Terminal, allowing you to study customer behavior and optimize your product portfolio.

We are always available for assistance and support, and by working with us, you are strengthening the regional economic cycle.


RetailWindow24 is a fully digital system that is ready to use right away, with a web store user experience and other digital functions. All inventory and movement data are stored in the cloud, where they are controlled and can be linked with your company software if necessary (e.g. a price change takes place automatically with one click on all devices, etc.).

  • User Experience

    A transaction is equivalent to the UX of the web shop purchase – product delivery in less than 30 seconds. Web store with product descriptions, multilingual menus, and simple menu navigation.

  • Dynamics

    Dynamic pricing, cashless payment, shopping cart and collective checkout.

  • Merchandise management

    Warehouse management in the ERP system via API; Remote access and maintenance.

  • Sales Excellence

    Sales and transaction journal & data analysis, sales journal, trade register

  • Smart Data

    Data in the digital & physical process of each purchase

  • Admin

    User, customer and hardware management, data logging, notifications

RetailWindow24 is adjustable to your strategy – from RetailCube24 as a standalone, to RetailFoyer24, a 24/7 store that combines InStore experience with a digitized 2.0 UX. RetailWindow24 is a product family in different dimensions and with different functionalities.

Technical key data

  • Connections

    230 Volt, LAN, WWKS2

  • Integrations

    card readers, scanners, etc., receipt printing, payment, RKSV cash register, cash register according to KassenSichV.

  • API Software

    for connection to the ERP or other systems

  • RetailWindow24 Standard
  • System width
  • System height
  • Depth
  • Space required
  • Click&Collect
  • Number Facings
  • Number products
  • Front Element

  • RetailWindow24 Standard
  • 147 cm
  • 200 cm
  • Depth
  • 1,47 m2
  • 81
  • 486
  • screen 32 ́ ́ (or other formats)
  • RetailWindow24
  • 410 cm
  • 220 cm
  • Depth
  • 4,1 m2
  • 312
  • 1872
  • screen 32 ́ ́ (or other formats)
  • RetailWindow24
  • 730 cm
  • 220 cm
  • Depth
  • 7,3 m2
  • 624
  • 3744
  • screen 32 ́ ́ (or other formats)
  • RetailWindow24 Terminal
  • 127 cm
  • 220 cm
  • Depth
  • 8,58 m2
  • 312
  • 2808
  • screen 32 ́ ́ (or other formats)
  • RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin
  • 217 cm
  • 220 cm
  • Depth
  • 13,65 m2
  • 624
  • 5616
  • screen 32 ́ ́ (or other formats)
  • RetailWindow24 Terminal Twin Plus
  • 217 cm
  • 220 cm
  • Depth
  • 18,03 m2
  • 936
  • 8424
  • screen 32 ́ ́ (or other formats)

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